Welcome to the Espy

Recording from the Studio at the iconic Hotel Esplanade in St Kilda, we tell the amazing stories of its 140-year history, talk to the people who kept ...View Details

Pat Hart

As a teenager Pat Hart lived at the Hotel Esplanade during the latter half of the 1940's. In 2018 she returned to the partially-renovated Espy to shar...View Details

Fred Negro

Musician, cartoonist, artist, story-teller and unofficial Mayor of St Kilda, Fred Negro has a long and wild association with The Espy. WARNING: Fred i...View Details

Alfred Felton

Immigrant, entrepreneur, art-lover and philanthropist Alfred Felton moved into the Hotel Esplanade in 1891. When he died at the Hotel in 1904 he left ...View Details

Espy Artistic Director Janenne Willis takes a quick break from creating her own ground-breaking art, and a lifetime supporting other artists' endeavou...View Details

Opening Day

Amongst the chaos of Opening Day, Skunkhour drop by; the builders who renovated The Espy stop for a quick chat; and Kill Dirty Youth take a break from...View Details

Opening night finally arrives! With Matt and the boys somewhat preoccupied running the pub, Emma Race and friends step into the Espy's Podcast Studio ...View Details

We're joined by Kyrystyna Kynst, Kate Shaw and David Brand, three of the founders and key movers in The Esplanade Alliance, the community action group...View Details

In Part 2 of this Podcast, after a quick drinks break, Kyrystyna Kynst, Kate Shaw and David Brand, three of the founders and key movers in The Esplana...View Details

How do you shoehorn a rambling, multi-disciplanary, multi-artist, multi-room show into a heaving pub? The Espy's Artistic Director Janenne Willis tell...View Details

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